Want to learn more about winemaking, wineries and the world’s best wine regions? For my fellow winos and wino-wannabes, here are 10 of the best wine blogs (aside from mine, of course!) to get you started.

top wine bloggers

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1. Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog


Jamie Goode has maintained this blog since 2001, making it one of the oldest wine blogs out there. Goode is both a journalist and enologist, which means he studies all aspects of winemaking and wine. This blog is a great resource for learning more about wineries and the wine regions of the world and you’ll also find some great technical guides to making wine.

2. Tom Mark’s Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog


Tom Wark started out as a wine marketer and publicist in the ’90s but now commits a great deal of time to his wine blog, which touches on a wide variety of issues with a great sense of humor. Unlike many blogs about wine, Tom’s focuses on wine politics, marketing and the industry itself. One of his more recent posts, titled “Wine Drinkers and Winemakers Won Election for Obama,” takes a real look at the politics of wine and whether it is indeed liberal.

3. Decanter Blog


Decanter.com is one of the most read wine websites out there and offers some great advice for selecting the best wine for every occasion as well as frequent reviews. You’ll also find plenty of news from the industry, along with wine events, a learning center and guides for collecting and investing in wine.

4. On the Wine Trail in Italy


Alfonso Cevola uses this blog to share his passion for Italian wine and moves between Italy and the United States. He recently covered the Vinitaly International Wine Competition, in its 20th year, although you’ll also find personal stories and great profiles of individual wine makers.

5. Vinography


This wine blog covers food and wine throughout the world, with an emphasis on San Francisco. One of the nicest features of Vinography is their Unboxed installments, which highlights excellent wine samples they’ve received. Along with frequent wine reviews, Vinography also covers restaurants, books, wine news and events.

6. The Feiring Line


This blog is run by Alice Feiring, Time magazine’s wine and travel columnist. She uses her blog to share her thoughts on many subjects and feels that good wine tells a story. Be sure to check out The Feirling Line for deeply personal and in-depth looks at traditions and wines throughout the world.

7. Wine Tasting, Vineyards, in France


This blog follows the travels of Bertrand Celce through his native France. You’ll find amazing images (Celce is a photographer by trade) along with great insights into winemaking and personal profiles of people in the industry. Celce also offers up some great recommendations for wine bars in Paris, among other things. Definitely follow him if you plan to travel to France!

8. Dr. Vino


Dr. Vino — or Dr. Tyler Colman — originally taught political science before turning to writing about wine for living. His blog offers some really in-depth and interesting analysis of the wine business, as well as the political aspects.

9. Thirst for Wine


Thirst for Wine is written by Robert McIntosh, who has worked in the UK wine trade for years. He uses his blog to share thoughts on wine marketing as well as wine tastings, travel and restaurants.

10. Norcal Wine


If you love Californian wine, this is the blog for you. Norcal Wine focuses on wine news and events in Northern California and profiles some of the best wine bars, wineries and wines in the area. If you’re just learning about wine, this blog is a great resource as well.