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Canary Islands

Wine and Sun: The Canary Island Combination

With unusual volcanic vineyards and a range of interesting grapes to sample, here are the main reasons to choose the Canaries for your next wine vacation.

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champagne storage

A Beginner’s Guide To Champagne Storage

Champagne cabinets pretty much function as mini champagne cellars because they ensure that the right temperature is achieved and the bottles are not damaged in any way.

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Exploring Wine in Menorca

Sampling wine on this lovely isle is not just a delight in itself; finding out about different wineries and the varying appellations adds to the sparkle of any holiday in Menorca.

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drink up

Drink Up! 5 Healthy and Delicious Beverage Suggestions

Use this guide for more information on five healthy and delicious beverage suggestions that can easily fit into your daily routine.

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