Have you ever noticed how weird it is to drive through a small town and then go to a big city? Well, there are several cities around the world that take this to a new level because of their futuristic look. Take a look at these four cities that look like they’re straight from the future.

Shanghai, China

One of the reasons Shanghai looks like a city straight from the future is that it is home to more skyscrapers over 1,300 feet tall than any other city in the world. This number is growing fast, with more than 55 of those tall buildings constructed since 2005.

In addition to skyscrapers, Shanghai is also home to the fastest train in the world. It reaches speeds up to 270 miles per hour. While air travel is still faster, you can’t beat the thrill of train travel. Of course, the highway system in Shanghai is also quite advanced, as there are highways stacking four decks high located all over the city.

Tokyo, Japan

The geography of Tokyo makes it prone to earthquakes, which has led it to develop a more futuristic look in terms of the buildings constructed. They are all retrofitted to withstand large tremors. As a matter of fact, the construction methods are so futuristic that in 2011, no buildings fell after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit. Tokyo is home to more than 13 million people, which means it has to build fast to keep up with population growth. The steel construction methods give this city a futuristic look.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai doesn’t like to build the traditional up and down buildings found around the world. They pride themselves in futuristic architecture that is as much a work of art as it is functional. This special construction gives Dubai a look that is straight out of the future.

Of course, it’s not just the skyscrapers and commercial buildings that take on a futuristic look, the housing is also modern. There are lots of unusual attractions and hotels spread across the city, including the first underwater hotel to ever be built.

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong streets are lined with skyscrapers and tall apartment complexes that defy description. Because of the high population density of the city, they have to build up instead of out. This gives it a futuristic look that reaches to the sky. Hong Kong also has one of the most amazing transportation networks in the world — despite the high population rate. It doesn’t take long to get from one place to another. Additionally, the airport in Hong Kong is one of the biggest and most futuristic in the world. The futuristic look and the efficient transportation make it one of the best places to live.

These are just a few of the cities that are starting to take on a futuristic look. There are plenty of others around the world. Where have you been that looks straight from the future? Leave a comment below.

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