Few things beat the aroma and taste of a great glass of wine. After all, what can be better than a bottle of your favorite merlot or white zinfandel? The answer is plenty— it’s all about how you open, prepare and preserve the perfect bottle of wine.

These five gadgets all have high customer reviews and are ideal tools for today’s modern wine aficionado:

1.     Metrokane 9200 Rechargeable Electric Rabbit Corkscrew (MRP $49)

The Metrokane 9200 is a rechargeable electric wine bottle opener that opens wine with the single touch of a button. What is particularly great about this model is that it works with all cork types and also includes a foil cutter. The base of the Metrokane is illuminated with a blue LCD screen and comes with a AC charger.

2.     Final Touch Electronic Wine Thermometer (MRP $29.99)

The Wine Watch is easy to use— and works exactly as its name indicates… like a watch for your wine bottle. The LCD screen displays temperature settings (in both Celsius and Fahrenheit). And it includes suggested wine serving temperatures for the different wine types. It makes it easy to serve wine at the perfect temperature; regardless of it’s a red, white, rose, etc. If anything rings true, it’s that nothing beats a glass served at exactly the right temperature.

3.     Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator (MRP $50)

The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator instantly aerates wine—making it faster than ever to let your wine breathe before its poured. A properly aerated glass is filled with a bouquet of flavor and rich undertones. Simply place the glass of wine under the wine aerator and let it do some magic. When done, it’s conveniently dishwasher-safe.

 4.     Epicurean Wine Saver (MRP $57.99)

Never waste or ruin another bottle of wine ever again. The Epicurean Wine Saver is a fully automatic, motorized vacuum sealer that preserves open bottles for up to two weeks. It comes with a rechargeable 12- volt battery and can seal up to 50 bottles with a single charge.

5.     Cooper Cooler HC04.A VinPodium Rapid Wine Chiller (MRP $89.99)

The Cooper Cooler quickly chills wine much faster than any refrigerator or wine storage chiller. It has a digital timer that can be set to chill bottle (up to a 1.5L) from one to 30 minutes. Different wine types require different serving temperatures— what’s great about the Cooper Cooler is that it precisely programs and cools the bottle almost instantly. Having a great glass of wine shouldn’t require a long wait.

So, if you are looking to improve your wine pallet and stock up on some impressive wine accessories—this is the way to go. Wine may improve with time, but today deserves the perfect experience.

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