A visit to Mexico provides the opportunity to enjoy exploring everything from ancient Aztec sites to mingling at local cultural festivals such as the famous Día de los Muertos. Foodies are also treated to unlimited access of some of the world’s favourite dishes. 

If you’re a big fan of water activities and sports and are looking at various all inclusive holidays, Mexico might be the place for you. Here are five great water adventures that you’ll have the chance to enjoy on your Mexican getaway.

1. Mexico’s Sea Turtle Sanctuaries

The beaches of Mexico are an important breeding habitat for sea turtles, which lay their eggs on these pristine sandy stretches. Across the world there are seven different types of sea turtle species, and six of these can be found in Mexico’s sanctuaries, which protect these endangered animals from poachers. All across Mexico, from the Pacific Coast and Baja California Sur, to the Yucatan coast, visitors to Mexico can enjoy watching the sea turtles in their natural habitat.

2. Swim by the Aztec Ruins of Tulum

The Aztec culture is a central part of Mexico’s history. In the 13th century a walled port city named Tulum was built on the eastern coast, some 130km south of modern Cancun. Today the site is an archaeological park that sits directly on the coast and features stunning sandy beaches in view of the ruins. There are few things more stunning and surreal than enjoying the pristine sands and waters of Mexico’s best beaches amongst the ruined buildings of an ancient culture.

3. The Best of Snorkeling

Mexico is home to some of the world’s best snorkeling sites, and the Riviera Maya offers the ultimate experience. Whether you’re swimming amongst turtles at Akumal or above the coral reef and tropical fish at Playa Carmen and Xpuha Beach, you’ll quickly find that Mexico’s waters have a seemingly infinite number of wonders to offer.

4. Scuba Diving in the Atlantic and Pacific

One of the great parts about visiting Mexico as a scuba diver is that with a little bit of travel you can easily have access to scuba sites in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The ultimate destination, however is probably the remote Banco Chinchorro. This coral atoll off the Costa Maya has superb visibility and gives visitors great access to local marine life and two Spanish Galleon shipwrecks. Chinchorro is a protected site and can be difficult to access, but diving here is an experience of a lifetime.

5. Surfing the Waves of Mexico

For those after the ultimate wave, Mexico’s Pacific Coast is a must-visit. It is home to some of North America’s best surf spots, from the isolated waters of southern Baja, which will suit everyone from beginners to seasoned experts, to Puerto Escondido, which is commonly considered one of the top beach-breaks in the world. Wherever you head on Mexico’s West Coast, you’re bound to come across some awesome surf spots.

If you’re a fan of water sports and fun, what more do you need than these five great activities to enjoy your holiday time in Mexico.

Image by Yudaev Pavel used under Creative Commons License.