There is really no place on earth capable of reproducing the classic aromatic and zesty wines of New Zealand and Oyster Bay is one of the top wineries of the country. All Oyster Bay wines are produced with careful balance and the right concentration of fruity flavors with an individual approach to every vineyard block and every bottle. Fruit is first crushed then gently pressed and the juice is the cold settled. Here’s an introduction to the four of the most popular wines produced by Oyster Bay and a bit about the winery itself.

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay by sondyaustin on Flickr

The Oyster Bay Winery

The flagship winery of New Zealand sits in the center of Malborough in one of the world’s best wine-growing regions. The winery itself is a far cry from the traditional winery as it’s designed to capture the complexities of each vineyard while reflecting the the region itself. The Oyster Bay winery has a curved, layered roof to maintain the cool environment necessary for making wine, even through the hot summers, while protecting the vineyard from run-off. Water used is purified and recycled in-house and only oak barrels produced from sustainable forests are used during produced.

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

This pale straw colored wine has the classic zest and aromas of a New Zealand wine with lively tropical fruit and gooseberry flavors. This international best-selling wine is very elegant, incredibly crisp and refreshing.

Oyster Bay Chardonnay

This elegant wine has a perfect intensity that comes from the ideal Marlborough soil and unique climate. This distinctive, regional wine is very pure and fermented with a combination of oak barrels and tanks to achieve perfect softness. No malolactic is used during fermentation to retain the natural flavor of the varietal with very ripe citrus and subtle oak flavors with a light, creamy texture.

Oyster Bay Pinot Noir

Oyster Bay’s Pinot Noir is very fragrant yet subtle and each growing site is chosen with regard to uniform soil conditions that allow for slow ripening of the harvest to enhance flavor. As with any good Pinot Noir, the fruit flavors are strong yet the winemaking techniques work to add new complexity by maturing the wine in both new and old French oak barrels. This cool climate wine has very gentle tannins and fragrant aromas of plum and cherry.

Oyster Bay Merlot

This vibrant Merlot has deep flavors of sweet berry and plum with notes of spice, oak and fine tannins. Oyster Bay Merlot is grown with river water used as irrigation and vines are sun-warmed and cooked at night by the breezes from the ocean. This unique growing environment leads to their signature Merlot with fully ripened and fresh flavors, gentle spices and aged, soft tannins.