You can find enjoyment at many RV parks in California, especially the wine regions. Who wouldn’t want to get away on a road trip to experience the best wines this country has to offer? Leave your daily grinds and experience an enjoyable trip in your safe motor home . If you love the outdoors, you can find a variety of activities to take part in while you’re camping.

Some RV camps in California have restrooms, showers and laundry rooms. Also they have electricity, sewer and water hook-ups to use if wanted. The areas surrounding many parks have gravel or cement pad and areas of grass. You have to choose which kind of park fits your needs because some RV parks may not have any amenities. The best thing to do is to call and ask what they have to offer. The campgrounds in California have thousands of visitors each year and never close.

One RV camp is Skyline Wilderness Park, located in Napa, California. Skyline Wilderness Park is known for smaller rigs and being clean and quiet. Your cell will work great there and they have wifi set up. They have a golf course, plants garden, picnic and camping area, biking and hiking trails as well as horseback riding. They are open 8AM-5PM for you to make a reservation and have a two day minimum reservation. They charge $75 for full hookups, which includes: power, water and sewer; $60 for partial hookups which includes: power and water; and $50 for dry hookups.

There are many places surrounding some RV camps like: clothing shops, pizza parlors, grocery stores, balloon rides, wine train, opera house entertainment and more. If you brought along your bike or car, you can visit other areas sight-seeing or shopping if wanted.

If you have questions when you visit the camps, they have hosts to accommodate and answer any question you may have. Make sure you ask all questions before you pay to see if that’s the best place for you to stay. Each camp has their own rules and offer a variety of activities for you. It would be best to call the ones you are interested in before you start your trip and get all the information to make the best decision. After you figure out the best place to stay, go and have the best time of your life.