Wine production and the Mediterranean go hand-in-hand. From ancient times, this beautiful, sun-drenched region has been the ideal spot for producing a range of vinos from numerous grape varieties making a welcome drink to go with the fabulous, fresh cuisine.

The island of Menorca is no exception. Sampling wine on this lovely isle is not just a delight in itself; finding out about different wineries and the varying appellations adds to the sparkle of any holiday in Menorca.

Wine delights

While Menorca is famous for its beaches, history and al fresco dining, it may surprise some that wine-making has played a significant part in the island’s background. There are even special winery tours for visitors enjoying holidays to Menorca with Thomas Cook which are worth enquiring about.

In the 19th century there was a vibrant wine industry in Menorca which served the local community in addition to feeding a thriving export market. A recession and wine disease all but finished off trade until Menorcan vino underwent a revival – luckily for us!

Modern methods

Like many Mediterranean countries in Europe, Menorca has adopted modern vine cultivating methods in recent years alongside state of the art wine production processes. Visitors to Menorcan wineries or Bodegas in Spanish, mean learning about a fascinating history about the local wine.  Sample reds, whites and roses but also take in the stunning countryside in which the vineyards are nestled.


The improvement in wine production has had a positive impact on the quality of the island’s wines. The reds are rich and red with spicy tones and the whites a touch of herbs on the palate. A sparkling wine is made of refreshing light merlot grapes. They make the perfect accompaniment to dining out around the island or as a night cap on your balcony while the sun sets.

Many local wines have garnered awards and many Menorcan vineyards are in line for the prestigious Denominacion de Origen stamp, a sign of a good vintage.

Sample with pleasure

There is so much to enjoy in Menorca; walk around the main city ports of Maó and Ciutadella contrast with stunning beaches for day-long lounging. Prehistoric ruins complement ancient and modern history and eating and drinking is a delightful discovery with so many local dishes to choose from.

Why not add Menorcan wineries into your itinerary for a truly local flavour to your holiday?

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