One of life’s greatest pleasures is tasting fine wines from the world’s most popular wine regions.

There are many wine regions dotted across the globe, offering a range of varietals that range from fruity and sweet, to smoky and woody, with several thereof representing pioneering varietals designed from grapes that are unique to their specific region or country.

The scope for your palate to experience new wine aromas, characteristics, sensations and flavours is truly abundant and varied.

There are many viticultural regions to choose from, but the five most popular vintners are recognised for their proficiency in combining the correct crushing-, fermentation-, and infusion processes to create the perfect burst of wholesome body and flavour in all their wines.

Australia’s Barossa Valley

Barossa Valley

Panoramic sunset shot of a vineyard in the Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley features a plethora of wineries such as Yalumba, Seppeltsfield and Rockford that provide fine wine tastings while introducing would-be oenophiles to the pressing and barrelling processes. A real treat for your palate, Barossa Valley offers a variety of wines. Their delicious selection includes the Para Tawny, a sought-after, elegant red wine; perfect for large celebrations, with the most popular being the Basket Press Shiraz, which is hugely popular across the globe.

Barossa is largely known as a red wine region with their vintners producing sought after, earthy Mourvèdre blends. However, if you prefer white wine, you still in for a treat. Australian wine pundits Winery Explorer also recommend the lovely white vintages, which include stunning Rieslings from the Eden Valley. Refreshing and light, or full-bodied and smoky, experience all the Australian continent has to offer and taste it all.

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Ice Wine Grapes

Vines from the Niagara-on-Lake wine region

This may be an unusual addition to the wine list, but the vintners of Inniskillin have managed to turn snow-covered grapes, dreaded by wine farmers the world over, into a fine wine. These snow-covered vineyards are protected by instigated frost and go on to produce a variety of sweet flavours that certainly burst with flavour.

Sugars within the grapes don’t freeze, but the outer grapes require a finer pressing procedure which compresses the sweetness and produces dessert wines bursting with flavour and body.

Gaining in popularity throughout North America, the Ice Wine varietals are produced from pressed red Cabernet Franc, white Riesling, and hybrid Vidal grapes that each produce distinct sweetness and unique underlying tones with a host of refreshing characteristics. This wine is moving up the ‘interesting wine’ list very quickly.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Home to some of the world’s most respected winemakers, Marlborough’s premium wine region was established in the 70s. Renowned for their Sauvignon Blanc that boasts citrus undertones and refreshing zest, Marlborough was brought to the attention of the international community, catapulting it onto the global stage sparking the interest of connoisseurs and sommeliers everywhere.