Wine lovers swear by cellars and dedicated wine coolers. Nothing truly beats the flavour and taste of wine stored in a cooled cellar at just the right temperature.

For most people, however, a cellar or a large, dedicated wine cooler is neither affordable nor convenient. In such situations, wine lovers can turn to the humble fridge. A Hot Point fridge freezer is the perfect alternative for wine aficionados who want to make sure that their favorite wine will stay fresh for a couple of days or weeks.

Below, we will learn a few reasons why fridge freezers are the perfect appliances to store your wine for short periods:

1. Capacity:

By its very design, a fridge/freezer is meant to hold a lot of stuff – food, bottles of water, vegetables, meat, eggs, and ice. As a serious wine lover, you will likely have a lot of bottles to store where the high-capacity of fridges will come in handy.

2. Temperature Control:

Wine is very sensitive to temperature. Store it at too low or too high a temperature and you’ll end up with foul-tasting, murky wine. This is why storing wine, even in the short-term, requires maintaining temperatures within a limited range. Hot point fridge-freezers have dedicated temperature control which you can use to keep wines safely at the required temperature (ideally, 7-10 C for white wine, 10-18 C for red).

3. UV-resistant:

If you’ve ever sipped from a bottle of wine exposed to sunlight, you already know what UV-rays can do to the wine’s taste (which is also why wine is traditionally stored in cellars, away from sunlight). Wine coolers get around this by using UV-resistant doors. Traditional fridges, on the other hand, are already opaque, ensuring that no UV-rays get in to ruin your wine.

4. Anti-vibration:

Vibrations can loosen the sediments in a wine, which, in turn, can alter its flavour, colour and body. Although you need not worry as much about vibrations for short-term wine storage, it is still an important consideration for true wine aficionados. Older fridge models often had bulky motors that vibrated loudly enough to disturb sediments in wine. Thankfully, most new fridges come with anti-vibration technology built-in, which makes them far better for wine storage.

A fridge-freezer, howsoever good, can’t really beat a cellar or a dedicated wine cooler for long-term wine storage. However, if you need to keep a bottle only for a few days or a week, something like a Hot Point fridge will be up to the task.

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