Beer and wine are two largely appreciated and consumed drinks all over the world. People think they know everything about them, but do they? Here are some general facts about the two: the biggest beer consuming countries are Czech Republic, Ireland and Germany. The biggest wine consumers are Italy, France and Switzerland. The biggest beer producers are China, USA and Russia. Germany has most beer brands (1200), while USA has only 350. The biggest wine producers are Italy, France and Spain. Apparently, the best beer is made in Belgium and the best wines definitely come from Bordeaux, France.

In case you have friends who are extremely passionate about fine wines, you know what to buy them as gifts. After choosing the right assortment, don’t hesitate to purchase some fun accessories as well. For instance, wine bottles can be ‘clothed’ or wrapped in all kinds of items: from funny T-shirts, to bride & groom costumes, to wooden coffins. Themes are endless. For your party-loving friend, take a T-shirt with allusive messages. For connoisseurs, consider more professional accessories:

Fun Accessories for Wine and Beer Connoisseurs

photo by Star Athena on Flickr

  • Thermometers = determining the exact wine temperature, which ensures its qualities intensification. Some are introduced in the bottle, while some are stuck on the bottle surface.
  • Aerators = they highlight wine taste and reduce tannin astringency.
  • Wine servers = an elegant method of pouring wine in a glass without dripping on the table cloth. Some are endowed with a sealing cork, so that wine can be savored in more hours.
  • Wine coolers = they maintain a correct wine temperature .
  • Decorating racks = made of wood, metal, or cast iron, they embody funny figurines and objects (sailors, cars, bikes, dogs, cowboys etc). 

For those who are rather lovers of the yeast drink, which is not as pretentious as wine, there are also numerous fun gift ideas.

    • Beer coolers = they take all sorts of inventive shapes (such as imitating a beer glass) but more importantly, they cool the bottle in 5 minutes and are reusable.
    • Personalized beer glasses = they contain messages or are shaped as various characters.
    • Fun beer racks = they can imitate headphones or body gun racks that actually hold beer cans.
    • Beer koozies (also known as coolie, cozy, bottle jacket) = they protect beer bottles from warming down, especially if they stay in the sun. Koozies are usually made of polyester, foam or neoprene. They come in many colors and can be personalized for gifts. You can get custom koozies in low minimum quantities, choosing the color, the added text (font and orientation)and graphics (you have categorized pictures: events, beach, love, sport, food, animals etc.). On, the more koozies you customize and add to your cart, the less you pay for each of them. Undoubtedly, beer inspires people to create inedited, amusing and practical items.