People sure do love to drink – especially drinks of the alcoholic kind.

There’s a bit of a rift in society, though, when it comes to drinking. You either have people that are really big on beer or absolutely mad about wine. Some may dabble in between but those that would call themselves true aficionados are the ones that are willing to invest in the proper equipment to savor every last drop of their delicious concoction.

If you fancy yourself a wine drinker and want to take the experience to a whole new level then take a look at the following must-have items for wine lovers.

1. A Decanter (and/or an Aerator)

A simple decanter can go a long way in terms of bringing out the full flavor of your wine.

There are two main reasons to use a decanter:

·  It allows any sediment to settle at the bottom (so you’re not drinking it)

·  It aerates the wine which helps with the aroma and taste

Swirling is common practice when drinking wine but a decanter is sort of like a short cut to getting the most from each bottle.

Additionally, you may want to invest in an aerator (on top of the decanter).

Wines can take hours to reach their full flavor even when in a decanter. Using an aerator is as simple as pouring it through the gadget which expedites the process of aeration so you can start drinking far sooner with the same, great benefits from decanting.

2. Climate Control Units (for a Wine Cellar)

Wine is very finicky. If it gets too hot (around 70 degrees F or higher) it’ll begin to age whereas if it gets too cold, below 45 degrees F, it could dry out the cork which means air begins seeping which will begin to destroy the flavor and not allow it to properly age.

Here’s the thing: You can’t just throw the wine in the fridge.

It’s okay if you plan to drink it not long after purchase but if you want to maintain your collection then it’s recommended you implement a wine cellar climate control system. If installed correctly, this will allow you to reliably keep the temperature of the area in the sweet spot (between 45 – 65 degrees F).

By keeping the cooling consistent you can assure your wine ages well. These units are a perfect addition for those investing in a wine cellar for their collection.

3. A Proper Set of Glasses

A proper wine glass, which come in many different styles and each providing a unique experience per type of wine, does so much more than bring an aesthetically pleasing image to the experience.

Yes, you’re in no way forced to drink from a specific wine glass but you probably wouldn’t want to waste the experience drinking it out of a coffee cup. The glass is there so you can truly enjoy the color and craftsmanship of the wine.

The shape of the glass also helps to define how it hits your palette. The space within the glass can help trap the aromas which will give you a nice whiff of goodness before it rushes to your mouth.

You don’t have to be too fancy with the glasses. A basic set will suffice but do keep in mind the frequency in which you enjoy wine and if you’re hosting parties where wine will be front and center.

One More: An Open Mind

There are many different types of wine but if you were to ask the average person it would be divided into these two categories:

·  Good wine

·  Bad wine

Yes, there are those with a palette that can taste every minute hint of the wine but if you strip away the nuances you can keep your mind open to the experience and enjoy yourself without the “guilt” that you aren’t an expert.

Be willing to try new wines. Try investing in great wines and wine accessories. It’s as much fun as an experience as the joy you get from the drink.

For those that enjoy the taste of wine over beer – what are your must-have suggestions?

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