People like to travel for all kinds of reasons. Some do it to meet new people. Others do it to go back in time. Our readers mostly do it for the wine tastings and winery tours…

While others use travel as a way to push their limits. Dive into nature. Find out what they’re really made of. See if they’re strong enough to conquer their fears and come face to face with their immortality.

Sound extreme? Maybe so… but the four adventurers featured in Heineken’s Dropped campaign are doing exactly that. On the Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel, you get to witness firsthand what it would be like to venture out into the great unknown without putting down that glass of wine.

Our protagonists include:

  • Rikar, a Spaniard lost in Alaska
  • Stavros, the Greek dropped in Cambodia
  • William the American who finds himself in Morocco
  • Clint the South African unloaded in Poland
  • Murray from Ireland and Jakub from Poland, abandoned together in the Philippines (did we mention they’re handcuffed together?)

As we follow along with these brave men, we will be asking ourselves what would we do in such extreme circumstances. Would we fold under the pressure, or would we dig deep and come forth as a legend?

This we don’t have the answer to… but we will be rooting for these six men as they answer these same questions for themselves.