If you’ve always dreamed of running your own bustling restaurant and creating your own menu, starting a food and drink business may seem like a no-brainer. What puts a lot of people off however are the daunting regulations, laws and financial planning that comes with starting your own business. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s not as hard as you think. And furthermore, the start-up process can be just as satisfying as the finished product. So where do you begin?


You should plan all of your project start-up costs before you spend a single penny. Make a plan of everything you’ll need and how you intend to finance it. Will you be taking out a loan? Are you using your savings and starting small? Setting out a clear financial plan in advance will make things run a lot smoother during the early stages. You’ll also need to consider if you’ll be self-employed or a registered limited company.

Once your food and drink business starts to get off the ground, you’ll need to think about how it will continue to grow.

Get in touch with your local authority

Your local authority will do a lot to help you get set up. Once you contact them, they will get you registered and provide you with all the necessary training and information you’ll need to float instead of sink. You’ll also be able to arrange the acquisition of tools and set up waste/recycling collection services. To find the contact details for your local authority, simply click here.

Position your brand

Producing delectable dishes and serving scrumptious wines is all well and good, but it ultimately won’t matter if your brand awareness is weak. Establishing a unique selling point is important, but you also need to consider how you’ll spread your brand message.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and blogs are a good place to start. However, these can be difficult to manage when you have a million-and-one other things to do. Enlisting the help of a PR company can take a load off your mind. Pelican PR provide specialist Food and drink PR strategies to increase the popularity of your brand and products.

PR companies will take control of the communication and social side of your business whilst you concentrate on the challenges of daily operation.

Enjoy yourself

As we said before, the start-up process can be the most invigorating period of your business’s life. Keep calm and remember why you got into this – your love for food and drink! Ensure that your passion is kept alive by staying up to date with the latest wine and food news. Our recent article on the top 10 Italian wines could inform you on what should go on that new wine list!

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