Among the countries that offer their individual beauties alongside each other is the Netherlands, where Amsterdam is found. In this side of the world, people dig into superlative art, which is a product of Amsterdam’s totally appealing past. The depths of Amsterdam offers stunning views for photography enthusiasts, historical museums, and a truly stimulating social life along the Red Light district where people meet and greet, and take pleasure from the best wines and drinks. Don’t get lost, though, because not all wine bars may be worth giving a try. Here are the top 5 wine bars in Amsterdam to prioritize.

wine bars amsterdam

by icecream on Flickr

Bubbles and Wines

For a practical and delightful wine tasting treat, plus an “academic tour” with their highly knowledgeable staff, you will surely enjoy your stay at Bubbles and Wines. Hailed “wine bar of the year” in 2011, this ultra modern avenue for a one-of-a-kind unwinding experience offers great décor for a contemporary ambiance. If you think you need to walk around and get some fresh air after shaking hands and getting close with other expats and locals, you can go directly to the Dam Square which is a few minutes away.


Here is where you are allowed to taste all kinds of wines and liquors made by Van Wees. People love the authentic taste of wines being offered here, complemented by the stimulating ambiance of the past. This is the perfect destination for the traveler who yearns for a peaceful drink by the terrace.

Wereldbol (De)

De Wereldbol is not only a wine bar, but is also a favorite eating place for those who crave for unique and palatable meals. There is a whole bunch of choices that vary in size, flavor, and style, but the common denominator for each meal should be the very tasty wines and beer. The view from this wine bar and restaurant is a painting of serenity as boats passing through the quay make their impression of a truly remarkable city.

Brasserie Harkema

This wine bar was a tobacco mill before it was transformed into what is now a contemporary destination for food and wine lovers. It accommodates more than a hundred guests, showing how chefs expertly cook their meals through the open kitchen. If you want some top quality cuisine but are a bit short on the budget, you may want to consider this restaurant near the famous Amsterdam Dam Square.


This wine bar and restaurant serves the most excellent fish gourmets in town, with a colorful display of décor that lets you feel how close you are to the aqua world. You can choose between red, white, rose, or dessert wines depending on what type of food you order. What makes this one of the best is the assortment of grilled, fried, or poached seafood that will stimulate your senses and make your wine taste even better.