France has established itself as a popular tourist destination for millions of people across the world. Close to 79 million tourists book flights to Paris on an annual basis. Many people come to visit France to sample its rich wine tradition. Behind Italy, it is the second largest producer of wine—it produces an average of 8 billion bottles of wine per year. The country’s dominance in wine production guarantees an enjoyable wine tour in its numerous wine regions. Some of the must-visit areas in the country include:

Champagne France

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1.       Champagne

Located in the Northeastern part of France, this winery is the source of Champagne wine. This is one of the most famous wine varieties in the world. Its existence begun in the 17th century thanks to the ingenious efforts of Dom Pierre Perignon. A trip through this wine region would bring visitors into contact with immaculately pruned vines that normally produce high-quality grapes. The areas meant for the production of Champagne are often limited albeit an extension was made in 2008.

2.       Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the leading wine region in France having started business in the 12th century. Its status as a major wine producing region began when King Henry II granted it tax-free status. Thankfully, this decision has enabled it to serve the world with high-quality wine varieties. Tourists are sure to be impressed by the vineyards that are testament to the region’s dominance in wine production.

3.       Musee du Vin

Situated in Burgundy, this winery is a must-visit for tourists. Such a visit would prove worthy thanks to the breathtaking scenes that characterize the vineyards. The tour is also educational since visitors would be able to understand the rigors of wine production. Those interested in learning its history can visit the Hotel Dieu, which is a museum detailing the 600-year history of wine production in the area.

4.       Alsace

Those who book flights to Paris in search of a wine tour should not miss the Alsace region. Here, they would be visiting the roots of Riesling wines that are often renowned for their pungency. They ought to take a tour of the vineyards and the wineries, which have been instrumental in the production of high-quality white wines.

5.       Loire Valley

Those who fancy white wine will probably love a trip to the Loire Valley. The region, a predominantly white wine area, provides people with the chance to understand the process involved in the production of this wine variety. It is also an opportunity to see the grapes involved in the production of such fine wine—including muscadet, cabernet franc and chenin blanc.

6.       Languedoc

This region plays host to wineries like Chateau Le Bouis, Castelmaure and Tuchan among others. Within these wineries are some of the finest wine varieties that are cost-efficient. Touring this region brings visitors into contact with vast areas of vineyards.

7.       Rhone region

Visitors in this area could opt to tour the northern or southern part—it would be best to tour both areas. Such a tour is enjoyable and educational because it enlightens them about the production of white and red wine. Those willing to fork out some money may walk home with a good bottle of wine. Another sight to see is the picturesque views of lavender, olives, almonds and pear orchards.