When you think of the term “wine country” in the United States, you likely think of California. However, it’s not the only one. Many forget about Washington State who’s in a close second in the nation. With their 700 + wineries and exporting to over 40 countries, Washington should certainly be more recognized.

Types of Wine

Today, Washington grows a variety of over 80 grapes. The state produces, and is more known for its  Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Riesling, however Washington does grow others. Washington dedicates massive amounts of land to grown these delicious grapes and the acres grow each year. Dedicated to the red variety is over 18,000 acres of land and for the white variety over 14,000 acres. While Washington has all the familiar flavors, their unique landscape and terrain is prefect for some experiments as well. Here in the fertile foothills you can find rare and lesser known varieties such as Lemberger, Colombard, or Muller- Thurgau.  They use these unique  assortment of grapes to produce and blend new flavors.

While Washington is fortunate enough to have an excellent climate for wine, the climate is perfect for visitors as well. The state offers their visitors many wineries to enjoy along with their awe-inspiring views during their stay.

Where to Visit Wineries in Washington

Stay along the 15 mile-stretch of the beautiful Colombia River. Here you can find a few wineries spotted along for you to stop at and taste the region’s liquid masterpieces. If you’re in the area and want to enjoy an exquisite blend of Zinfandel, take a sip at Maryhill Winery’s tasting room. Should you want a spectacular view as you savor your  Cabernet, take a seat at Memaloose Winery and take in the winery, mountains, and perhaps a perfect sunset.

If you find yourself a bit more North and surrounded by the Blue Mountains with a yearning for an nice blend, stop in Walla Walla Vinters or Maurice Cellars. In the Walla Walla valley you can enjoy panoramic views of the Blue Mountains, rolling wheat covered hills and of course, vineyards. Walla Walla also hosts a summer festival, music festival, and baseball games. For a true Washington winery experience come enjoy an artisan cheese tasting, the first in the valley, along with a glass of your favorite red or white.

Washington is as much of a wine country as California with half the price tag. This state can offer you their rich landscape gushing an assortment of grapes and majestic mountain views. Should you feel the urge to taste a deep Merlot or a unique blend at the local winery, Washington is your spot. Don’t let the wine country of Washington State escape your mind for your next wine tasting adventure.

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