When in Australia delight in sipping champagne to cool off those warm evenings with a dose of luxury over dinner. The trick is knowing where to go to find the best bottle of bubbly, and the menu of sparkling wines seems endless!

Throughout all the major cities, the best and most popular favorites from the oldest houses like Ruinart can be found in fine establishments paired to complement each meal with decadent charm. On the other hand, if you’re not a tourist, our Australian readers looking to buy wine online might want to have a look at Wine Selectors, as they have a fantastic range, with some great priced wines.

With a long day at the beach under the warm rays of the Australian sun, go out for dinner to unwind with celebration into the night.

Oysters and Bubbly in Melbourne

In Melbourne, check out the Panama Dining Room and Bar with a kitchen that opens every day of the week at 6 pm. Allow the cork to escape the bottle and let the taste of oysters and champagne blend into a harmonious melody. Mother Shucker’s Oyster Hour is held at the Panama Dining Room from 6-7 pm every night. This fabulous opportunity allows its guests the honor of sipping champagne paired with premium oysters, at just a dollar each!  The Panama Dining Room also hosts events like Thursday Tastings, so check the listings to get in on the action.

The Melody of Sparkling Wines in Sydney

With a night out at the most famous Sydney Opera House, be sure to stop in to Ananas Brasserie on the Rocks and taste the subtle blends within a sparkling glass of champagne. Ananas Brasserie serves a bountiful menu of French inspired cuisine that is best with Rose, Brut or Blanc de Blanc to complete a variety of pairings with every type of dish. This place never ceases to amaze with such an extensive list of champagnes and a separate oyster bar and dessert menu to top it off!  Ananas Brasserie definitely satisfies with an array of outstanding options that complete the most memorable night out in Sydney.

Toast to the Sunrise in Western Australia

Windward Balloon Adventures located in Western Australia is the most spectacular way to witness a sunrise high up in the clouds. Brave the skies from within the basket of a hot air balloon, and celebrate this great journey at breakfast with a toast of the glass. Sip champagne to a great flight inside the historic Fitzgeralds Hotel in Northam. Pair with ease across an extensive cold platter of fruits and cheeses and a grand buffet serving a sumptuous and fully cooked breakfast to start the perfect day.

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