Many areas of Latin America have, for many years, been off-limits to travelers due to safety concerns. Most of these fears have been been alleviated lately, though, and you’ll find many cities throughout the region have become party central, with everything you need to party like a VIP. If you’re ready to hit the scene in style, make sure you check out these awesome places in Latin America.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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It’s impossible to talk about partying in Latin America without mentioning Rio de Janeiro, a jewel of a city set between crystal blue oceans and lush rainforests. Rio de Janeiro is often called the world’s party capital for a reason: the city boasts year-round parties and celebrations with a vibrant night life, luxury hotels and a thriving club scene. Ready to experience everything the city has to offer? If you’re into dancing, check out the underground club Fosfobox in the tourist area of the city or Nuth. The city is also known for frequent street parties and live music so be sure to stop into some bars in the downtown area.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin nightlife

by Joel Duncan

Only a few decades ago, Medellin was the kidnapping and murder capital of t he world and home to the infamous drug lord, Pablo Escobar. After his cartel was disbanded, the city saw a dramatic improvement with a massive decrease in murders in the area. The city is now tourist friendly and spends a substantial amount of their budget on improvements and education. Today, Medellin is the hottest party city in the country with over a dozen dance clubs and bar districts. Be sure to check out Mango, Medellin’s most famous club where it’s not uncommon to spot rich mob-affiliated locals. If you want to experience salsa and tropical music, Sabor Antillano and Eslabon Prendido are your best bets.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Buenos Aires

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The city that gave us the Tango is definitely a good place to party. Most bars get going around midnight and dance clubs usually start at 2:00 am so there’s plenty to keep you busy until the sun comes up. The city has a lot of large and trendy clubs you’ll want to check out, such as the Museum in San Telmo. Palermo is the best spot to be for the night life in Buenos Aires and is home to clubs like Mint or Azucar for salsa music. Palermo Soho is a trendy area of the city with plenty of laid back bars if you feel like you need a break!

Santiago, Chile


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Chile’s capital begins partying as soon as the sun sets. The party scene here is a good mix of professionals, college students and tourists from around the world and you’ll find no shortage of dance clubs, reggae bars, discos and more — everything you need to experience the way Santiago parties. Most parties, or carretes, in the city start early and and stretch to the morning hours so it’s no surprise that Chileans are known for their love of dancing and good music. If you’re ready to hit the party center of Santiago, head to Barrio Bellavista between Santiago and Recoleta. Providencia is known for its bars, fine meals and dancing while Vitacura is the place to be for discoteques.