Traveling through the Idahoan countryside you might smell the likes of mint, onion, and inevitably some cow droppings. One might not know that Idaho is a wonderfully fertile land which exports many crops besides just potatoes! Don’t get me wrong, we love the potatoes (especially when used for vodka). However, we have quite a lot of beautiful vegetation that is native to this land. Namingly, hops and grapes grow like weeds in the Gem state. Here is why you’ll want to plan a trip to check out our expertly crafted wine, beer, and spirits.

Wineries Everywhere!

You wouldn’t expect the rolling hills of eastern Idaho to bear much more than dirt, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see fields of grapes as far as the eye can see. If you think this is an exaggeration of any sort just search online for Idaho wineries and be amazed! Not only can one set up a tasting, but most locations like Sawtooth Winery & Ste. Chapelle Winery (which are probably the two more well-known spots) you can also plan parties and weddings at these beautiful locations! As if the tasty wine wouldn’t be enough. Both of these locations make a handful of delicious whites and reds that are great for any occasion.

Hop For Joy!

The northwest has boomed with breweries in the last few years. So if hops, barley, and malt are your idea of a good time, then Boise is for you. Highlands Hollow Brewhouse & Crooked Fence Barrelhouse are a perfect example of the unique and youthful beer style that has recently entered the city. With such an amazing atmosphere and an outrageous number of beers on tap, how could you refuse? These two locations are also known for their delicious eats. Select one of their state famous brews and sit down with some steamed clams or an eggplant sandwich. No, really they have it all.

More Than Just a Potato

Would you believe that Idaho has been creating delicious starchy spirits out of our favorite vegetable? Yes, I’m sure you would! Idaho is home to several well-known potato vodka creators. What is special about potato vodka is you actually won’t get quite as much of a bite and bitter taste as one would with grain vodka. The spuds make a lightly flavored, crystal clear, and very smooth tasting liquor. We have several that we’re known for and are currently serving in just about every bar across Idaho. Give 44 North Vodka & Zodiac Vodka a try if you ever get to visit the city of trees.

Don’t speak the wine or beer lingo? That’s just fine. Before embarking on any alcoholic adventure I would highly suggest versing yourself on all things hops and diving into the world of grapes depending to your beverage of choice. Sometimes jumping into these things head first can be extremely intimidating. However, this lovely and rocky state would love to have you visit us the next time you have a chance. We know you’ll enjoy all things Idaho!

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About the Author: Trisha is from Boise, ID. She is a freelance writer who enjoys vegan blogging, video gaming, gardening and her cats.