A trip to your local supermarket, whether that be a Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s – whatever is closest to your doorstep is common practice for many when picking up a bottle or two, or case of wine.

That used to be the case for the missus and me.  But last year, when we were looking to save a few pennies for a summer cruise, we searched online for cheaper wine deals.

To our surprise at the time, we were able to find deals on wine that could save us as much as 50% per bottle on wine comparison websites.

Whilst in our case, Tesco may be on our doorstep, but we keep our rack topped up so we never have to worry about drying up or having to rush down to the supermarket to pick up a bottle.  Ordering a case of wine or so every now and then saves us money in the long run, compared to our old ways.

As the title of this article suggests, wine deals aren’t just for supermarkets.  My advice for finding the best deals on wine is to look online.

wine deals

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Comparison websites

If you know what you like, or buy the same brand of wine time after time, head directly to a wine comparison website.  You can search for your favourite types or brand of wine, favourite grapes and then compare the prices for what you would usually pay in order to locate where the cheapest option is for you.

Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for or are curious for a new taste, comparison websites are still helpful for you.  They often compile a list of customer, press and even sometimes staff reviews, giving each a rating.  This allows you to search their site in order of the ‘highest-rated’ wines.

Wine comparison sites assemble their lists from both supermarkets and independent merchants so you’ll have the biggest selection of wines to choose from and the cheapest price to buy them for.

Comparison sites aren’t the only method we use to locate a cheap bottle of Sauvignon blanc.

Wine alerts

The other thing my partner and I have done is sign up for wine alerts.  Wine comparison websites have the largest wine bargains and offers out there – so simply sign up to their free wine alerts to receive emails offering you your favourite bottle at the cheapest price or on the best deal.

By signing up to these alerts, you’ll be the first to find out about offers on wine, and more importantly, take advantage of them before they sell out.

Enjoy your deals

So the next time you want to purchase wine, look online.