Foodies galore will enjoy a trip to Dalaman, as there is most certainly something to suit all tastes in this part of the world. The area combines a mixture of old and new, boasting an abundance of authentic eateries, traditional bazaars, ancient ruins and sophisticated clubs.

A number of companies offer breaks to the Dalaman Coastline, including Direct Holidays, so why not pay it a visit this year?

Eating out

Aside from the beautiful coastline, friendly people and delicious fresh foods, many of the local wines in this part of the world could easily compete against a number of renowned European vineyards – especially in Marmaris – an area reached easily from Dalaman.

This is possibly one of the reasons holidaymakers choose to go a little overboard in the duty free section of the airport – when teamed with a handful of the local dishes, these wines make great accompaniments to meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

The festivities

For a total of three days at the end of June, Kas becomes the scene for a vibrant festival – the KasLycian festival – one of Dalaman’s biggest and most colourful events. It’s here that visitors flock to see both local and international folk-dancing troupes.

However, a number of holidaymakers also attend in order to tantalise their tastebuds with the many street foods on offer as well the many drinks comprising impressive local wines that can be sampled.

The festivities begin around lunchtime and last until the early hours of the morning. Raki is the drink of choice here and comes in the shape of an anise-flavoured, unsweetened alcoholic drink. It’s an extremely popular aperitif in this part of the world as well as in the surrounding Balkan Islands.

The history of wine in Turkey

The Caucasus region plays a momentous part in Turkey’s wine history. In fact, it’s said to be one of the earliest wine producing provinces in the world. Turkey is home to between 600-1200 European grapevines, which makes the area the world’s fourth chief manufacturer of grapes.

Those who wish to learn more about the area’s rich wine heritage can do so when choosing Dalaman holidays for their next break. Dalaman is a great base for those who wish to travel to any one of the many towns, villages and cities surrounding this area. One of the most popular wine regions in the area is Thrace, which sits close to the Sea of Marmara. This particular region is answerable to almost 40% of Turkey’s wine production so it’s certainly a good choice.


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